Developing for AR and VR

This is the part where dreams become a reality. First we do an in-depth analysis of your needs and try to find the best way to match them up to an innovative AR or VR idea. We are interested in developing applications that are useful in the real world. To do that we will have to first create a concrete use case. VR ard AR are technologies that can transcend a wide range of industries such as medical, tourism, industrial, marketing, retail, education, pharmaceuticals, hospitality and sales.

From there we decide on the ideal development and distribution platform. The list of potential development platforms is listed below. Based on the development choice your application will either be distributed on the Windows Store, Play Store, App Store, Playstation Store, Steam or Oculus Store.

After that, you can leave the rest up to us. We will help you harness the power of virtual and augmented reality.

Development Platforms


Microsoft HoloLens


DAQRI Smart Devices


Android Devices


iOS Devices


HTV Vive


Oculus Rift

Playstation VR

Samsung Gear VR